Baby Vender

Coin-op Trade Stimulator published 92 years ago by B. & M. Products

Impossible to emulate.


Baby Vender © 1927 B. & M. Products Co.

By dropping a penny, nickel, dime or quarter in this machine, only a penny will be shown at all times and when the reels stop at the fortunes designated on the fortune card, the merchant may push a button and show the customer and himself the exact coin that has beel played and the awards may be paid accordingly. You will like this feature. Note our lever located on the right hand side of the cabinet, convenient to the custmer; like the famous Card machines, and very easy to operate.


Cabinet solid oak, beautiful mission finish, bolted together, no nails, screws or glue used; beautifully trimmed with highly polished solid aluminium castings, inlaid with orange and gray enamel--Plate Glass Used Throughout--fortune card and reels doubly varnished to add lustre and preserve the finish--Two Back Doors, one for the merchant, and one for the operator, fitted with best grade thousand change cabinet for operators handling a string of machines.


The Baby Vender was released in March 1927.

Machine's picture.