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Baby in the Hole !

Pinball published 35 years ago by Data East Pinball

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Baby in the Hole ! © 1989 Data East Pinball.


This game was a prototype for a redemption game. At Pinball Expo '88, Harvey Heiss showcased a game called "Baby in the Hole". It was a wooden non-electrical rolldown game with curved saucers, and was inspired by Genco's rolldown games. The next year, at the 1989 Pinball Expo Data East showcased an electronic version with ticket redemption. If you spelled BABY HOLE you won the (25 ticket) bonus. The backglass shows cartoon images of Harvey Heiss and Rob Berk, and the voice in the game was provided by Carol Thiel, David Thiel's wife.


Design by : Harvey Heiss
Art by : Kevin O'Connor, Pat McMahon, Margaret Hudson
Music & Sound by : David D. Thiel
Voice by : Carol Thiel