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PLATO soft. published 45 years ago by Shapira & Maggs & Sides

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Avathar © 1979 Shapira & Maggs & Sides

A multi-player first person role playing game. It aspired to be bigger and better than any of its predecessors such as Pedit5, DND, Moria, Oubliette and Futurewar.

In typical RPG fashion, players roll a character and can try to gain power by increasing their level through experience points and acquiring (magic) items. The game supports 60 simultaneous users and allows for in-game messaging with a system that features global, group and personal messages. Players can form groups to start exploring the game world. Some spells allow the leader of a group to teleport the entire group. Teleportation could lead to the player (or a whole group) being stoned (inside rock) as in Oubliette. Only an operator could undo the effects.

The game borrows the boss monsters concept from DND such as 'Reaper of Souls'.


Development title was 'Darkmoor'.