Auto Roulette

Slot Machine published 35 years ago by Games of Nevada

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Auto Roulette © 1985 Games of Nevada.


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Micheal Wisinsky was the owner of Games of Nevada and before he started that company, he was the official owner of Bally of South Neveda. Bally dominated the market in slot machines in those days. Think about the "Money Honey", the most legendary slot machine in 1964. Bally made him an offer he couldn't refuse from Bally Chicago by Bill O'Donnell. However Mickeal did refuse the offer and that also the end of his distributorship of Bally. So, he started Games of Nevada. He did built slot machines under that brand and was always looking for new products. The Auto Roulette was a game made in England by a guy named McNeilly, who believed he was a great entrepeneur and he was a smooth talker and married to an english actress. Micheal wants to introduce the Auto Roulette in the Nevada market. The idea of the game was great, but technincal the machine was a dog. They try to improve the machine and it was re-introduced a number of times in England. The machine deserves to be a success, but through it's bad technical history, nobody did believe any more in the game.


Loose Change Blue Book for Slot Machines [4th Edition]