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Auto Racing [Model 1113]

Mattel Intellivision game published 41 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Auto Racing [Model 1113] screenshot

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Auto Racing © 1979 Mattel Electronics

You're in the driver's seat of a Grand Prix-type course. The road snakes and twists before you. As your car starts rolling, trees and buildings rush by on either side. Your tires scream as you hurtle past them and around tight turns. You're in a race to the finish, balancing speed against control. Look out for that curve! You'll need fast reflexes and split-second timing to see what it's like to participate in one of the world's most exciting sports. Are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!

2 players: Score 50 points before your opponent does. You get 2 points every time your opponent crashes, 1 point if you lead far enough to reach the edge of the picture. Maximum 2 cars on the course at any time.

1 player: Complete 5 laps in the shortest possible time. A crash makes you lose distance and time. Only 1 car on the course, racing against the clock.


Model 1113

Select Course: [1] - [5]
Select Cars: [1] - [5]
Braking: Any Side Button (press one only)
Restart at Last Checkpoint: Any Side Button
Confirm Car/Course: [ENTER]
Steering Control: Disc


* THE CARS: When you select a car to drive, consider these factors...
1 (white): top speed 55, acceleration POOR, cornering EXCELLENT
2 (green): top speed 65, acceleration EXCELLENT, cornering GOOD
3 (red): top speed 75, acceleration GOOD, cornering GOOD
4 (tan): top speed 90, acceleration POOR, cornering FAIR
5 (blue): top speed 90, acceleration POOR, cornering FAIR

NOTE: The TAN and BLUE cars are identical in every respect, so they should be used for two-car races when the players have equal skill.

* Pay close attention to the course you're running. As you become familiar with
the road, you'll be able to anticipate the turns and steer more gradually.
Radical direction stages will result in lots of crashes.

* Practice steering so you can make smooth direction changes. The less skidding and sliding your car does the faster it can go.

* Stay off the grass as much as possible, to keep from slowing down.

* If you are going out of control, do whatever you can to stay away from the blue patches of water, especially when you're running one car against the

* Steer by pressing the Disc on the edge that approximates the car's direction. If you press the east side of the Disc when the car is going west, you'll lose all control of the vehicle.


Programming: Larry Zwick

Game's ROM.