Attack of the Mutant Penguins [Model J9072E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 25 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Attack of the Mutant Penguins © 1996 Atari Corp.

It's fairly well known fact that the Earth's television transmissions bounce around the atmosphere and off satellites positioned around the Earth's orbit. Some of these signals are beamed far into space where they could, potentially, be picked up by aliens. What? You don't believe in aliens? You better think again. The Earth is being threatened by something, and it's sure not human...

It all started in the far off galaxy of Bleurgggh (Nebula Quadrant), where an evil race of slimy green (but reasonably stupid) aliens were monitoring the Earth's transmissions.

Unfortunately for them but lucky for us, they tuned in only at a specific time to a specific television channel and picked up The Wildlife Show. After watching a few shows, they disguised themselves as the obviously dominant species on Earth - the penguin.

Soon after landing on Earth they realized they had made a mistake. It was unlikely that a penguin could infiltrate the human race and become President, so a rethink was in order. They decided to disguise themselves yet again, as humans.

So, to recap, we have slimy green aliens disguised as penguins, disguised as humans, trying to invade the Earth. Of course, they had to improvise a bit on the new disguises. As a result, the disguises fool nobody!

When Earth penguins found out about this slur on their integrity, they were not happy and now they're out to set the record straight. Woe to any alien penguin who meets a good penguin. He'll be in for a fight!

Word of the Earth's plight has also reached those champions of intergalactic do-goodery, Bernard and Rodney. This dynamic duo is a legend throughout the known universe. You don't mess with these boys. Bernard is a demon with a frying pan and Rodney kicks butt with a baseball bat. In case you haven't figured out, Bernard doesn't cook and Rodney can't play baseball. They use their accessories on other ways!

The object of Attack of the Mutant Penguins is to get rid of the alien and mutant penguins any way you can. The aliens have brought a terrible weapon of destruction - the Doomscale - with them, and you must use Bernard or Rodney to stop them from activating it. You can arm Rodney with baseball bats, super-clubs and torch-breath or arm Bernard with frying pans, electric pans, boomerang pans and give him Samurai powers. You can also use dynamite, glue, and of course, the Machines!

That's right, you don't have to kill all the alien penguins personally. You can build and activate various lethal-to-penguin machines such as the Spike-Shafter, the Chopper and the Grabansling to do it for you. You'll also get help from the good Earth penguins (hooray!) occasionally. Let them roam the pathways looking for a fight and you'll soon get one of they meet a bad guy. Oh yeah, please try not to kill the good guys accidentally. The machines and weaponry are just as lethal to them!

Good penguins will also try to reach the Doomscale because they can counteract the effect of the alien penguins, so let them through if you can.

In short, kill the alien penguins, don't kill the good penguins. Stop the alien penguins from reaching the Doomscale, but try to let the good penguins reach it.



Model J9072E


Released on December 20, 1995 in Europe.

This game was completed and ready for release prior to Atari's merger with JTS Corp. Release was delayed until after the merger so that it would appear that game development was continuing under JTS. It wasn't.


Game Code: Wayne Smithson, Paul Hoggart, Mark Robinson
Animation: Dan Cartwright
Background Art: Andrew Hanson
Level Design: Wayne Smithson, Paul Hoggart, Dan Cartwright
Audio Driver: Attention to Detail
Music & FX: Cogent Productions
Project Management: Wayne Smithson, Alistair Bodin, Darryl Still
Atari Europe Production: Darryl Still, Alistair Bodin
Atari U.S. Production: Rob Powers
Lead Tester: Nathan Tan
Testers: Jennifer Vernon, Phil B. Gelber, Harry Kinney, Grant Collier, Morgan Weiss
U.K. Testers: Iain Laskey, Daniel Laskey, Peter Bodin, Lee Gledhill, Dickie & Glen
With Thanks to: Dave Perry, Kate Francis
Marketing Product Manager: Jeanne Winding
Creative Services: Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, designworks


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