Arcade Video game published 25 years ago by Virtual World Ent.

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Atlantis © 1995 Virtual World Entertainment.

In this new experience, Virtual World explorers have exclusive territorial rights to the remains of the mythic city, recently discovered in the ocean depths of the African coast. While the theme of Voyage to Atlantis stresses exploration, there are inherent dangers in depth-sea adventures of any type. For this reason, each pilot is equipped with the most advanced virtual submarine available. Up to eight participating pilots are encouraged to exclavate the artifacts of Atlantis in the new cooperative scenario, which is a vast departure from other virtual adventures that are based typically on competition. This cooperative mode is tested by the eruption of an undersea volcano that traps a submarine and requires all pilots to combine skills to rescue their fellow explorers in danger.

The ruins of Atlantis are inhabited by luminous and iridescent creatures an exotic fish such as manta-rays, parrot and agel fish, sharks, and several species of marine life heretofore never encountered. Other sights include shipwrecks, sunken battleships, and the wild amalgam of ancient European and Middle Eastern architecture of the ruins themselves.


Tesla System hardware

Type of Interface : POD based -Window on the world-
Physical posture : Sit Down
Motion of the platform : No
Controls : 100 controls
Computer platform : PC based with Division IG. 3 CPUs with about 8 meg RAM total (P90 class)
Type of display : Infinity optics 800x600 pixel resolution. 7 screens
Tracking : None
Size of the Unit : 3 x 6 x 7 feet
Unit Description : Stand alone POD

Graphical Information :
Texture mapping capability : Yes
Number of polygon per second : 162.000 textured, gouraud-shaded triangles/sec.
Number of Frames per second : 15.000 textured, gouraud-shaded triangles at 30Hz; 3.000 at 20Hz

Players : 8
Control : 2-way throttle, 8-way joystick


The game was never released and only made it to early Alpha development stages.


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