Atari Karts [Model J9091E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 26 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Atari Karts © 1995 Atari Corp.

Here come the racers now. Regius has the lead by a beak, Miracle Man is flying 'round the inside bend in second and Bentley Bear is roaring up on the outside in third place. Miz Tress just picked up a rabbit bonus and swishes into first place, with hot competition coming from Fire Bug, who is scorching up behind her! Pum King is having problems controlling his cart after picking up a reverse steering hazard. He's howling mad because he sees another contender breaking through the racers. Yes, the heat is on here at the tracks today. The new contender skillfully avoided the turtle hazard and is keeping the pace going. He just picked up a burst of speed from the speed arrow bonus, and oh, lucky break, he collected an improved steering bonus from the steering wheel. It's all over now folks, the newcomer has the lead in the final lap, and the winner is... YOU!

Now, come on in and meet the crazy drivers who race 'round some of the trickiest and slipperiest tracks ever invented. All eleven characters have great driving skills, so you'll need to look carefully at their different talents to pick the one who'll be the best for getting you first across the line. That's no easy task on these tracks, where you have marked and unmarked hazards, as well as bonuses and a whole bunch of fun.


Model J9091E


Released on December 22, 1995.

Bentley Bear, the main player character of "Crystal Castles", is a playable character in this game.

The names of the cups in the game contain various Atari references:
1. The Borregas Cup is a reference to the old address of Atari: 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale.
2. The Tempest Cup's name is a tribute to the classic Atari arcade game Tempest, which also received a Jaguar title, Tempest 2000.
3. The Miracle Race is named after Miracle Designs, the game's developer.


* Hints:
- Try to take the lead as soon as possible! You'll be more likely to avoid collisions.
- Avoid the water on the ice world.
- Take the inside edge for cornering, but stay away from the actual track edge. Contact with the edge of some tracks can really slow you down. You can cut some corners but watch out for natural hazards.
- Avoid oil slicks on the Route 99 world. They'll spin you around and waste lots of time.
- Be sure to avoid the blood on the Halloween world.
- The ramps on the Beach world will help you cross the water without slowing down.
- Avoid colliding with other competitors.
- Look for jump ramps to help you over natural hazards, or give you a quick boost.

* Access any Challenge's Miracle Race:
- Select the Beginner Challenge Miracle Race. (You must win this race at least once)
- While camera zooms-in on your kart, press Reset.
- Select the Challenge who's Miracle Race you want to play.
- The Miracle Race for that Challenge will now be highlighted (don't move it!) and can be played to win the boss kart.

* Miracle Race Track Short-cuts (directions are from the starting line)
- Beginner: 3 left bends then on the right side.
- Warrior: Immediately to your left.
- Miracle: ???
- Jaguar Aces: 3 left bends then on the right side.

* Sit and Spin: On the desert race, slowly run over a purple spot that causes your kart to lose control. When on top of the patch, turn left or right and press pause twice. The whole world will be spinning around!


Developed by Miracle Designs.

Executive Producer: Bill Rehbock
Producer: Loic Duval
Programming: Filip Hautekeete, Peter Vermeulen
Graphics, Sounds and Music by: Miracle Designs Team
Additional Sounds and Graphics: Loic Duval, Jen Smith
Lead Tester: Jennifer Vernon
Testers: Lance Lewis, Martin Krawetz, Jason Cordero
Marketing Product Manager: Jeanne Winding
Creative Services: Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, designworks


Game's ROM.