Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors

Arcade Video game published 21 years ago by Fuuki

Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors screenshot

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Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors © 2000 Fuuki Company, Limited.

1-on-1 fighting game. Sequel to "Asura Blade - Sword of Dynasty".


Main CPU : Motorola 68EC020 (@ 20 Mhz), Zilog Z80 (@ 6 Mhz)
Sound Chips : YMF262 (@ 14.31818 Mhz), YMF278B (@ 33.8688 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-Way Joystick
Buttons : 3
=> Light Attack, Hard Attack, Powerful Attack


Asura Buster was released on December 26, 2000 in Japan only.


A special version of the game was sent to the ARCADIA magazine for review. This version has an extra Pause feature when holding down a button, useful for capturing screenshots.


* Play As Nanami : At the fighter select screen move the cursor to Sittara and press start, then move to Leon and press start, next move to Alice and press start after that you must move to chenmao and press start then go to Zinsuke and press start and finally move to Rokurouta and press start. After you've done this move to the green Random Select box where Nanami will appear.

* Play as Young Alice : At the character select screen, put the cursor on Yashaoh and press start, than go to Goat and press start, than go to Rosemary and press start, than go to Taros and press start, than go to Zam-B and press start, next go to the top, Purple random select box where Young Alice will appear.


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