Astron Belt

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Astron Belt (c) 1983 Sega.

Fly through the universe battling alien ships to make your way to fight the main Alien Battle Cruiser. Along the way, you fly across alien planets, through tunnels, through trenches and get involved in a few astro-dogfights with enemy space fighters.

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Cabinet dimensions : 72,5in. high x 24in. wide x 22in. deep.


Released during May 1983.

Astron Belt was the first laser disc arcade game ever created. It used video footage from the laser disc and overlaid computer graphics for your ship and lasers. Some of the video came from a 1979 Toei SciFi space film, while some came from 'Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan' and the 1980 film 'Battle Beyond the Stars'. The rest was made specially for the game.

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Pioneer Palcom PX-7


Game's ROM.
Machine's picture.