Astro Smash [Model 3605]

Mattel Intellivision game published 39 years ago by Mattel Electronics

Astro Smash [Model 3605] screenshot

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Astro Smash © 1981 Mattel Electronics

Hit as many meteors, bombs, missiles and flying saucers as possible, without being hit yourself. As your score grows higher, the game speeds up and gives you more challenge. Take turns with your friends to see who can get the highest peak score!


Model 3605

Fire: Any SIDE ACTION button
Auto Fire mode: press 1
Single Shot mode: press 2
Hyper Space: press 3
Move left: left side of DISC
Move right: right side of DISC


At the beginning of the development, the working title of this game was 'Meteor'.


Here is some extra ammunition from John P. Sohl, creator of Astrosmash. Sohl says you'll be unbeatable if you follow three basic rules: don't get hit, shoot anything that moves and never take risks unless you have to. Sound easy? It is if you practice Sohl's special techniques for hitting your targets.

* To hit rocks, fire two shots rapidly. The first will split the rock, the second will explode both smaller fragments. If you are threatened by a rock and a spinner, go for the spinner.

* Shoot the fastest falling spinners first. Aim carefully; the extra moment you take aiming usually pays off with a hit on the first shot. Go for spinners at any cost -- if one reaches the ground, you've lost.

* Guided missiles are easy to shoot, hard to evade so shoot them high on the screen before they give you trouble. If you miss they'll follow you around. The only way to get rid of them is to lure them off the edge of the screen and use the hyperspace to get away.

* The UFO will appear when the score is over 20,000. It shoots torpedoes at your laser base wherever the base is when the shot is fired. So keep moving and you will avoid 90% of all UFO torpedoes.

Precision aiming is important. To get the highest scores, Sohl says to leave the anti-fire on and steer with the directional wheel using the firing button to get off extra shots as you need them. Keep on shooting!


Design & Programming: John Sohl


Game's ROM.