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List of sound playables on this page (19 files):

01 armadillo and his friends [attract 1].vgz
02 begin ~ armadillo and his friends [attract 2].vgz
03 credit.vgz
04 the way of the armadillo [select].vgz
05 swirl [sprint course].vgz
06 mischief [obstacle course].vgz
07 solar beat [race finish].vgz
08 giddiness [bonus game].vgz
09 bonus game results.vgz
10 red blossom on a cactus [time out].vgz
11 the skippy way back [game finish].vgz
12 colors of the rainbow [1st place ending].vgz
13 2nd place ending.vgz
14 3rd~4th place ending.vgz
15 bat monkeys in the forest path [name entry].vgz
16 unknown 1.vgz
17 unknown 2.vgz
18 unknown 3.vgz
19 unknown 4.vgz