Arena [Model 2565]

Sega Game Gear cart. published 26 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Arena [Model 2565] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Arena © 1995 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


[Model 2565]


* Enable Cheats: Enter the password STVART JAS0N2 888888 (the last 6 letters should be anything except Z). The game will go back to the title screen and when you start (or continue) a game, you will have infinite lives, all keys and 99 grenades, you won't be damaged by bullets and you will be able to skip any level by pressing 1+2.

Notice that you can disable each cheat separately by replacing one of the final 6 letters of the password with a Z, according to the following rules
Z in the 1st position : disable level skip
Z in the 2nd position : disable infinite lives
Z in the 3rd position : disable bulletproof
Z in the 4th position : disable all keys
Z in the 5th position : disable 99 grenades in each level

* Level Passwords: Enter these passwords to start from the specified level

The Old Warehouse : J723P0 T2WL5J GFY2FV
Astralnet Chemical Plant : N723PB 0V49WJ GBGYP4
The Outside Zone : S72AG0 3R40Y9 48YX7Y
Tunnels : XT2AG0 3B4AYR 48A97S


Written By: Eden Software (for Sega)
Lead Programmer : Stuart Middleton
Assistant and Utility Programmers : Tim Round, Julian Scott
Lead Artist : Jason Evans
Additional Artists : Robert Dorney, Gordon Theobold
Music : Paul Lathem
Music Driver : Martin Walker
Producer : Sean Kelly
Project Manager : David Powell
Game Design : Mike Brown, Eden Software, Sean Kelly
Game Testers : Nick Ryan, Alex Bush, Darren Murphy, Thomas Wolter


Game's ROM.