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Are We There Yet? [Model 4422]

IBM PC 5.25in. disk published 33 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Are We There Yet? © 1991 Electronic Arts.

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GAME ID: 4422


Design: Carol Manley
Programming: Douglas A. Deardorff
Project Manager: Ivan Manley
Graphics and Animation: Hans Piwenitzky
Music and Sound: Tom McMail
Music Programming: John Campbell
Executive Producer: Don Traeger
Associate Producer: Happy Keller
Assistant Producer: Sarah L. H. Smith
Playtesting: Sarah L. H. Smith, Steven Matulac
Product Management: Karen Schulman
Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Cover Illustration: Randy Berrett (Illustration), Judy Dwyer (Puppets), Doug Sandberg (Photography)
Package Design: James C. Blair
Documentation and Dialog: Michael Humes
Documentation Layout: Emily Favors
Quality Assurance: Bill Romer
Solution Book: Michael Humes


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