Archon [Model NES-ON-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 32 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Archon [Model NES-ON-USA] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Archon © 1989 Activision, Incorporated.

There's a board. There are pieces with varying powers, squares to move into and an opponent to conquer. But the squares keep changing. And once you decide where to attack, the board explodes into a battlefield. Your pieces include phoenixes, golems and wizards, and they use all their strange powers when they fight the banshees, goblins and sorceresses they face. They cast spells and missiles, they pummel, pierce and throw out flames, they move each other around, take on each other's shapes and shriek at each other. If you square off on a spot that stays favorable, you'll be hard to kill. If you're smart, fast, dexterous and farsighted, you may win. If you're not, look for another game.




Released in December 1989 in USA.


Producer: ESP Rogers, Tom Sloper (Activision)
Programmer: Kazuya Takahashi
Graphics: Hans Janssen
Music: Hiroshi Suzuki, Goblin Sound
Sound Effect: Hiroshi Suzuki
Quality Assurance: Takahiro Koseki, Shinichi Kitami, Tom Bellamy (Activision), Steve Imes (Activision), BPS Users Group
Product Management by: John Crompton
Product Specialists: Perry Rodgers, Tony Van
Player's Guide by: Hunter Cone
Desktop Publishing by: GlennHills Graphics
Thanks for all: BPS Staff


Game's ROM.