Arcade Classics [Model 810 0329]

Phillips CD-i disc published 28 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Arcade Classics © 1996 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Remember the good old days spending time behind the arcade machine? These days are back. Arcade Classics has three all time classic games from the time that game play was #1: Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian and Galaga!


Model 810 0329


Arcade Classics for CD-I was released in 1996 (exact date unknown) in Europe.

Featured here are the Super NES's port of "Ms. Pac-Man", the Japanese Famicom's port of "Galaxian", and the arcade version of "Galaga".


Project Management: Richard Soppelsa, Paul Reid
CD‑i Production Manager: Sander van der Meer
Director - Publishing Benelux: Tom Steenbergen
Galaxian Programming: Jason Weston
Galaxian Graphics: Rak Patel
Galaga Programming: Tom Drummond
Galaga Graphics: Rak Patel
Ms. Pac‑Man Programming: Jason Weston
Ms. Pac‑Man Graphics: Johnny Wood
Music: Chris Helmore
Sound Effects: Chris Helmore
With special thanks to his band: Scientific People of Deadhill
Screen Surrounds Loading Screens & Additional Mazes: Johnny Wood
Technical Systems Administrative duties coupled with debug facilitation and general network supervision on local systems: Karsul Islam
Tidings to: Stephen Robertson
Code Validation: Paul Clarkes (N.I.R.D.)
Special Thanks to: Andy Morton, Avtar Kang, Richard Brown, Tony Takoushi, David Hawkins, David Vout, Flavia Timiana, Tim Groves, Peter Siffer, Hans van Doninck, Sarah Scadgell, Lucy Ruiz, Kirsty Birch, Jeff Tawney, Darren Hedges, Frans Penders, Bart Nijssen, David Vandervoort, Stephan Clerix, Yvette Meipies, Lucy Walters, Mandy Aldridge, Amanda Riseman, Caroline Wesson, Phil Oates, Simon Smith, Anita Patel, Mike Rotch, Carmela, Valeria, Scarlet, Anthony Koller
Also...: The Bulls head & Stuffins Sandwich Bar, Madelaine De Gray, Beth, Stu, Tubs, Gill, Eddie, LOADED magazine
And Of Course....: Shep the Dog
Sorry to Flavia Timiani for: Paul Reid


Game's ROM.