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Arc the Lad Collection [Model SLUS-01224/01252~01255]

Sony PlayStation CD published 22 years ago by Working Designs

Listed in MAME

Arc the Lad Collection © 2002 Working Designs

Arc the Lad I
The first game in the series that really defined what a Strategy/RPG could be introduces players to a magical world teetering on the edge of destruction. Only young Arc posses the power to stop the impending destruction, as he fights his way to unsealing the power of Ark, with help from his friends Kukuru, Poco, Tosh, Gogen, and Iga.

Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena
The second game in the Arc series introduces Elc, a bounty hunter with a tragic past. He must join forces with Arc to stop the minions of the Dark One, whose presence was only hinted in the first game. A vast array of impressive Strategy/RPG innovations are introduced in this chapter, like the job system, weapon melding, and multiple-viewpoint storylines. In another first in U.S. console gaming, players can load Arc the Lad II save data into the innovative Arc Arena CD that is included in this package. Players can then take monsters captured in their individual games and battle it out for prizes in the monster tournament.

Arc the Lad III
Arc the Lad III introduces a new lead character Alec, and ties up all the storylines developed in the first two games in a way that will leave diehard role-playing fans breathless. It also brings the Arc world into a fully-3D polygon environment! Join Alec as he continues Arc's heroic battle to save the world from the black advance of ultimate evil!

The collection also features the documentary disc Making of Arc the Lad, which includes exclusive interviews with Victor Ireland, the president of Working Designs at that time.


CD1: SLUS-01224
CD2: SLUS-01252
CD3: SLUS-01253
CD4: SLUS-01254
CD5: SLUS-01255


Early in 1997, North American fans of the series started a petition on IGN's PSX Power for a Western release of the first two games of the series. In 2000, Working Designs hinted that they would be localizing all three of the Arc games for a North American release in a bundle called Arc the Lad Collection. On April 18, 2002, after a series of unmet release dates, the Arc the Lad Collection was released in North America.


Director: Victor Ireland
Manual Design: Don Shirley
Programming: Ken Innes IV
Sales Support: Kelly Knight, Patsy Rose
Translation: Victor Ireland, C. Sue Shambaugh
Continuity/Testing: Bonnie Shirley
Public Relations: Nicole Huggins


Game's CD.