Aqua GT [Model SLES-03390]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Take-Two Interactive

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Aqua GT © 2001 Take-Two Interactive.

Aqua GT is a powerboat racing game. There are four classes of boats with different characteristics; you must master them all to become a true champ.
* 20 different boats, all with unique features
* Each track is based in real cities from around the world
* Take on your mates in Two player mayhem

Do you have what it takes to be a winner or will you be left drowning?!!!


Game ID: SLES-03390


Take 2 Interactive
Producer: Luke Vernon
Technical Services Manager: Sajjad Majid
Brand Manager: Gary Sims
Group Production Manager: Jon Broadbridge
Group Production Co-ordinator: Chris Madgwick
International Marketing Manager: Sarah Seaby
UK PR Manager: Amy Curtin
Project Manager: John Ellerby
Lead Programmers: Gavin Harwood, Francis Lillie
Programmer: Martin Cook
Designer: Clive Jones (Clive H. Jones)
Lead Artist: Matt Baxter
Artists: Greg Barrett, Sam Denney, Mark Farnham, Keith Goldup, Clive Jones (Clive H. Jones), Tom Robertson
Further QA: John Ellerby, Paul Andrew Harthen, Sean Lowe, Yashar Malekzad, Daniel Shreeve, Aaron Williams
Support: Julie Minett, Emma Wright
Music and Sound Effects: Allister Brimble, Will Davis
Special Thanks: Paul Andrew Harthen, Shaun Harwood, Vikki Harwood, Ben Lillie, Lisa Lillie, Martin Scott

Tarantula Studios (QA HQ)
QA Manager: Mark Lloyd
Lead Tester: Kevin Hobson
Testers: Lee Johnson, Philip Alexander (Phil Alexander), James Cree (Jim Cree)