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Animaniacs [Model DMG-ANCE-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Cart. published 29 years ago by Konami, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Animaniacs [Model DMG-ANCE-USA] screenshot

Animaniacs © 1995 Konami, Inc.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot are out of the water tower and running wild across the movie sets of Bungle in the Jungle, Remember the a la Mode and To Scream or not to Scream. Guide their hilarious hijinks to find power-ups and avoid crazy traps like catapults, runaway trains, and giant boulders. Use each character's special abilities and unique talents on your quest to collect the key movie props on each set!


Package ID: DMG-P-ANCE
Barcode: 0 83717 14019 1


Released in July 1995 in USA.

When played on Nintendo's Super Game Boy device for SNES, Animaniacs drops the Game Boy music and plays a special 16-bit version of the soundtrack throughout the game instead.


Our game was programmed by: Jens Petersam
the little bits and pieces were added by: Holger Schmidt
The fabulous graphics were painted by: Andreas Escher
He made all the sounds and noises: Rudolf Stember
Did all the not so obvious producing: Julian Eggebrecht
Many thanks go to: Tomonori Otsuka


Game's ROM.