Angler's Quest

Arcade Video game published 19 years ago by 3001 AD

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Angler's Quest © 2003 3001 AD.

Angler's Quest re-creates the experience of catching a trophy fish. Professional fishermen have commented that the Angler’s Quest game is an authentic simulation of a real fish-fight.

The player selects one of many fish to go after using an actual rod and reel that feeds line in and out of the unit. The Angler's Quest game play is based on how well the player fights the fish. The computer controlling the line tension is programmed to the on screen motion of the fish. When the fish jumps or fights, the line to the rod and reel will pull and retrieve just like a real fish would. The computer then compares how well the player keeps the line tension on the fish and whether or not they are pulling and winding in at the appropriate time. With the option of fresh water or deep sea fishing, kids to adults can find the kind of fishing experience they like, all will enjoy!

As a fish on screen jumps, pre-programmed cue points tell the computer when to add or release tension on the line. The computer also adds in some random calculations so that a player will never have the same fishing experience twice. The computer measures how well the player retrieves or releases line in time with the movements of the fish. The better these measurements line up with the computer predictions, the better the score. The player's score is displayed on screen during the game. If a player scores too poorly or pulls too hard on the line they can either loose the fish or 'break' the line causing the game to end.


A precision robotic stepper motor controls the line tension in the drive unit. The computer system constantly monitors the video from the industrial quality DVD player.


The Angler's Quest is a marvel of technological achievement. Never before has there been a more realistic simulation of catching a fish than Angler's Quest.


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