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Andretti Racing [Model SLUS-00264]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by EA Sports

Listed in MAME

Andretti Racing © 1996 EA Sports [Electronic Arts label]

Andretti Racing makes you prove it, twice over. It's a combination of white-knuckle arcade racing and cool-as-ice auto sim featuring both Indy car and Stock car driving in one game. 16 challenging tracks means that Andretti Racing gives you so many options! Start your engines !


Game ID: SLUS-00264


Andretti Racing was released on September 17, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Andretti Racing [Model SLES-00438]"
[JP] "Andretti Racing [Model SLPS-00759]"


Strategy By: Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti, Jeff Andretti
Track Announcers: Derek Daley, Bob Jenkins
Studio Announcer: James Brown

High Score Entertainment
Design Team: Scott Orr, Jeff Haas
Executive Producer: Michael Pole, Scott Orr
Line Producer: Jeff Haas
Associate Producer: William S. Schmitt
Assistant Producer: Chris Novak
Design Contribution: Jeff Andretti, William S. Schmitt, Chris Novak
Software Testing: Joseph Quilici
Product Manager: Craig Howe
Package Art Direction: Corey Higgins
Package Design: Oshiro Design
Package Photography: Danr Inc. Photography
Documentation: Bill Scheppler
Documentation Design and Layout: Corinne Mah
Media Lab: Jerry Newton, Eric Kornblum, Marc Farley
Additional Art Modification: Eric DeSantis
Quality Assurance: Oliver Ongpin
Special Thanks to: Jasmine Atkings, Maria Bahamondes, Noreen Dante, Tony Iuppa, Happy Keller, Chip Lange, Jeffy Lily, John Melchior, Steve Ou, David Ross, Kirk C. Scott, Steve Sims, Martin Theyer, Don Transeth, Michael Williams
Executive in Charge of Production: Scott Orr

Stormfront Studios
Design Team: Mark A. Fong, Masami Yamada, Sergio Lobato
Development Executive: Don L. Daglow
Co-Development Executive: David Bunnett
Project Leader: Mark A. Fong
Technical Director: Masami Yamada
Art Director: Sergio Lobato
Action Game Programmer: Mark A. Fong
Interface Screens Programmer: Masami Yamada
Art Team: Bill Boyer, John Chui, Jay Davis, James Larsen, Eric Nava
Sound Design: Andrew Boyd
Music Composed By: Sound Web Productions - San Rafeal CA, Michael J. Mani, Ryan S. Bucko
Announcer Script Writer: Paul K. Taylor
Special Thanks to: Steve Borstead, William Beckman, Michael Bryn, Donna Buchignani, Dan Burnash, Randy Carillo, Hai-Ping Kenneth Chao, Maria Cosgrove, Katie Jack, Pat Killingsworth, Sarah W. Stocker, Chuck Thegze

Pennsylvania Video Production - Linger Group Productions
President: Terry Linger
CFO: Randy Fishman
President-Innovative Edit: Bob Caldwell
Director: Conrad Piccirillo
Technical Director: Eric Maloney
Audio: Ron Hanson
Director/Cameraman: Mark Pruett
Studio Cameras: Eric Poland, Mike Noble, Joel Grove
Engineer: Sean Anker
Account Manager: Dave Strantz
Makeup: Lora Staggs Whitney

California Video Production - PVR
Photography: Steve Kotton, Art Adams
Audio Technician: Tony Jensen
Ultimatte Operator: Sprague Anderson
Video Technician: Vince Oresman
Stage Manager: James Pusch
Makeup: Annie Jenkins
Teleprompter Operator: Julie Timm

Sports Management Network: John Caponigro, Mark Hoppen


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