Ancient Orb

Arcade Video game published 14 years ago by Joii Game Ideas, Inc.

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Ancient Orb © 2008 Joii Game Ideas, Incorporated.

Players have to use 'Ancient Orb' (Rolling Ball) to break out of every tricky traps in the Tomb of Emperor Xuan, in order to retrieve rare treasures.

Level 1 Gorge of Dead Fall: Carefully roll the “Ancient Orb” through narrow, single-plank bridges. On the way, you can collect small treasures located on each pier. These bridges are old and shaky, they could collapse at any point to send you down the deadly gorge!

Level 2 Stone Corridor: Careful! This corridor may seem ordinary and harmless, yet is in fact full of booby traps ready to put you to an end. If you do not step on the slabstones with the correct sequence, the slabstone will crack open and make a deadly fall into a black hole forever. Put your mind together and quickly memorize the sequence given by the “Ancient Orb” NOW!

Level 3 Stone Dragon Dish: What is this strange place? This gigantic dish that we are in now is surrounded with four Dragon Pillars. Tilt the dish and roll the “Ancient Orb” to destroy all the pillars, then the exit will appear. Steady! Keep your balance! Watch out for the dark holes and keep “Ancient Orb” in your hands!

Level 4 Room of Will-O'-Wisp: A room with strange gear wheels, stood in the center is a shooting gadget to place the 'Ancient Orb' in. Three different picture boards will appear continuously. Use the Rolling Ball to hit the boards--Pearls, Coins, Will-O'-Wisp. Collect as many Pearls and Coins as you can, and better leave the Will-O’-Wisp alone!

Level 5 Glass Dragon Dish: Not Dragon Dish again!! This time, it is more unpredictable. Dark holes will suddenly open up on the dish and ready to suck in the “Ancient Orb” in a blink! Get ready and time yourself right. Knock out all Dragon Pillars and get out of here! Quick, Time is running out!!

Level 6 Long Corridor to Grand Hall: Regardless of the time, the splendor of a long corridor in an ancient imperial court can still be observed. For its length, the number of slabstones is overwhelming!
Despite full concentration on the hints to break out of here, the mysterious heat is overly disturbing. Long Corridor is heating up and slabstones are spitting out fire! Hinting how fatal this trap could be. Hurry!

Level 7 Hell of Lava: The traps just keep on getting harder and harder. This final level is completely out of this world!
The single-plank bridges are even more complex and difficult this time. Be very careful! The flowing lava awaits underneath is ready to swallow up everything. Waste No Time! Roll the “Ancient Orb” to retrieve the hidden treasure!



Ancient Orb was exhibited at the JAMMA Show 2008 in Japan.


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