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Ancient Land of Ys

Apple IIGS disk published 35 years ago by Kyodai Soft. Marketing, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Ancient Land of Ys © 1989 Kyodai


Released in November 1989.


Kyodai Software Ys Team
Product Manager: David E. Davis
Marketing Manager: Grier Mendel
Technical Assistant: Ray E. Nakazato
Special Thanks To: Nihon Falcom Japan, Masayuki Katou, Scott K. Tsumura, Michael Shorrock, Larry Tyrrell, Donald Walters, Dan Doellstedt, Wong & Yeo, Broderbund Q.A.

Unlimited Software Ys Team
Director: Bruce E. McMillan
Programming: David Cameron Galloway, Gerry Rempel, Erik T. Kiss
Graphic Art: Dean Griffiths, Kathy Whitney, Tony Lee
Special Thanks To: Donald A. Mattrick, Rick Friesen


Game's Disk.