Amstrad PC Collection

This Amstrad PC-1512 disk. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 pc1512_flop: amstcoll
Information last updated on November 08, 2020.
Set's name: "amstcoll"
MAME's description: The Amstrad PC Collection

ROM name="the dam busters.img" size="163840" crc="3e71ae20" sha1="0f5cad41a0f089acabab54a00cf6fe66ef3ed08c"
ROM name="bruce lee.img" size="184320" crc="7b9059bb" sha1="2651c7a5c35b6c449e0d74167c3813ca27f10169"
ROM name="psi-5 trading company.img" size="368640" crc="172e3c60" sha1="cb5308e47acc7e146747a2e2a014381860392b05"
ROM name="tag-team wrestling.img" size="163840" crc="2d5286b0" sha1="98bec017cd7d9ac254eaa71d631dc02e1a3903f6"

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