American Poker Elite

Slot Machine published 21 years ago by Octavian Italy srl

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American Poker Elite © 2001 Octavian.


* Double up : The object is to guess the suit of the card (red or black). If you have guessed right, you win an amount doubled of your current payout. The opportunity to double the current win is again offered. If you fail to guess right the suit of the card, you loose the last payout and the game returns to the normal game play mode. Each time when you guess the card correctly, the clown goes one step up the 'dollar staircase' and doubles you current win. If the clown succeeds to mount the 'dollar staircase' you will earn a prize which is considerably more than the payout that has been doubled the respective number of times. The number of steps you need to go up and the prize amount depend on the triggering win amount. You may not risk and guess the cards, but double the payout at the expense of your credit. However, if you 'buy' the steps, you should guess the last card corresponding to the last step. The number of open cards on the screen cannot exceed 8.

* Bank Bonus : Besides all the standard poker hands featured in the paytable you may win a BONUS BANK which is accumulated for a Jacks or Better hand and is drawn when the accrued amount reaches the definite value. The more the bet, the more the BONUS BANK.