Alundra 2 - A New Legend Begins [Model SLUS-01017]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Alundra 2 - A New Legend Begins © 2000 Activision, Inc.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original for more information; "Alundra 2 - Mashinka no Nazo [Model SCPS-10115]".

NEW TO U.S. Version:
- A completely new opening movie with a wealth of story background.
- Two difficulty levels.




Alundra 2 was released on March 23, 2000 in the USA.

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Executive Producer: Mika Hayashi
Associate Producer: Tad Horie
Translator: Jeremy Blaustein
Script Editors: Tad Horie, T. Colin Mack
QA Managers: Marilena Morini, Sam Nouriani, Marietta Pashayan
QA Senior Lead: Joseph Favazza
QA Project Lead: Adam Hartsfield
QA Floor Leads: Peter Muravez, Jeremy Gage
Testers: Sean Heffron, Jeffry Moxley, Frank So, David Moore, Eric Zimmerman
Senior Vice President: Bill Swartz
Acquisitions Manager: Bill Swartz
Acquisitions Executive: Takehisa Abe
Executive VP of Worldwide Studios: Mitch Lasky
VP of Business and Legal Affairs: George Rose
Sr. Business and Legal Affairs Manager: Michael Hand
Global Brand Management Director: Will Kassoy
Associate Brand Managers: Serene Chan, Brad Carraway

Zeppo, Mini Game Male: Earl Boen
Ruby, Naomi, Rusty, Royal Girl B: Jennifer Hale
Albert, Messenger B, Pirate E: Scott Menville
Mephisto, Ratcliffe/Belgar, Mutox, Pirate D: Dee Bradley Baker
Lilly, Audrey, Dart Girl: Nancy Linari
Alexia, Royal Boy A, Royal Girl D, Dart Lady: B. J. Ward
Diaz, High Priest C, Tirion: Neil Ross
Pierre, Pirate 1, Madd Flower, Pirate F: Cam Clarke
Narrator, High Priest A, Pirate A: Paul Lukather
Pirate B, Kings Messenger A: Jason Marsden
Nunugi, Villager A, Pirate C: Peter Lurie
Prunewell, High Priest B, Store Owner, Villager B: Paul Eiding
Milena, Natasha, Royal Boy C: Mary Kay Bergman
Casting and Voice Recording Director: Kris Zimmerman Salter
Special Thanks: Ignited Minds LLP, Jim Summers, Jason Wong, Eric Zala, Aaron King, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Ani and Kevin, Matt Morton


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