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Alpiner [Model PHM 3056]

TI-99/4A soft. published 37 years ago by Texas Instruments

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Alpiner © 1982 Texas Instruments.

You're struggling against two enemies: perilous obstacles and time. The mountain's summit is within your grasp. But watch out! A rockslide is heading straight for you! Can you move your Alpiner to safety in time?

Alpiner challenges you to climb the brutal terrain of six mountains filled with dangerous animals and falling hazards. As you climb onward and upward, you find that crafty wild animals which dwell in the mountain forests have crept onto the slopes, threatening not only your success, but your survival as well. While you must keep your Alpiner from touching these creatures, several of the mountain beasts tempt you with the possibility of making bonus points, requiring movements of phenomenal speed and accuracy from you.

Carefully, you continue forward. Suddenly, a rockslide appears out of nowhere! You've got to move fast to get out of danger. You're almost at the mountain peak-don't lose control now. You made it! But do you dare attempt to defy the next mountain's perils?

With the Alpiner Solid State Cartridge, each mountain you climb presents obstacles and hazards which must be met with speed, accuracy, and endurance. Some of Alpiner's features include:
* Obstacles in the form of wild animals and terrain.
* Falling hazards which you must avoid.
* Synthesized speech that warns you of imminent danger and comments on your performance.
* A wrap-around playing screen to increase your maneuvering capabilities.
* Daring tactics to obtain bonus points.
* Eighteen increasingly difficult levels of play to test your skills.



Alpiner is a one- or two-player game which requires speed and skillful manipulation. Movement of the Alpiner on the screen may be controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard or by the Wired Remote Controllers (joysticks).

Alpiner is designed to work with or without the Texas Instruments Solid State SpeechTM Synthesizer (sold separately). However, the Speech Synthesizer must be attached to activate the voices of the Alpiner and the commentator. The voices enhance the game by warning you of approaching obstacles, commenting on your performance, and congratulating you for obtaining bonus points.


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