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Alone in the Dark

Panasonic 3DO CD published 30 years ago by Interplay

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Alone in the Dark © 1994 Interplay.

A foray into the macabre mansion of Derceto in chilling 3DO Technology.

The horrific and terrifying world of Jeremy Hartwood's life is more spine-tingling than ever in the exciting new 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System format. A suspicious suicide. A chilling curse. A malevolent power. All the dreaded secrets and unspeakable evils of Derceto come to life in heightened reality and cinematic power.

Your quest for truth drives you to investigate the mysteries of this strange house. Are you prepared for the tortuous howls that resound from deep within the halls? What waits for you in the shadowy corridors and gloom-filled rooms? What is the source of the heavy sense of evil that fills the very house?

The specter of personal danger is brought to life with cinematic cuts, close-ups and scaling. Ominous hand-painted backgrounds make it all the more frightening. You'll encounter hideous, hidden monsters that come at you when you least expect them. From the creaking stairs to the dank catacombs, the 3DO experience plunges you into the depths of Derceto. Too late to turn back, you must go and face it alone... and in the dark.

* Fast, incredible 3-D polygon graphics take 3DO to the max!
* Digitized speech brings all the human and inhuman drama to life.
* Complete three-dimensional control of your character.
* The 3DO graphics system brings game play to your fingertips with exceptional picture quality and quick, dynamic pacing.
* Cinematic game play featuring motion picture genre cuts and close-ups.
* Winner of the Golden Triad Award and Adventure Game of the Year.

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[FR] September 1994, Consoles + N.35: 91%


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