'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun.

Commodore Amiga 500 disk published 30 years ago by Alternative Soft., Ltd.

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'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun. © 1993 Alternative Software, Ltd.


Listen very carefully, I shall zay zis only wance! Ze Colonel's men ave got old of ze real Fallen Madonna wiz ze Big Boobies by Van Clomp. You, mon brave Rene, must lead ze resistance in a gallant attempt to swap ze real painting wiz ze forgery. Ze painting as been idden in ze safe in Lieutenant Gruber's room.

But Michelle, zey will torture me if zey catch me wiz ze Fallen Madonna wiz ze Big Boobies by Van Clomp. I am not a brave man. I will ave to tell all I know - not zat I know anything of course.

Do not worry, Rene. If I can spare ze time I will come and elp you. But anyway, we ave drugged ze colonel's wine to make things easier for you. You ave to find your way to ze safe in le chateaux, avoiding ze guards and pick up any elp you can on ze way.

Some of ze guards are very ard to fool and you must use your friends to get past zem. If you are caught by ze guard you must use some of your great courage to get away. Remember, ze future of all France is in your ands. Good luck mon amie!

Rene is depending on you to help him through his difficult task.

Avoid the guards, collect any gold you may find lying around, pick up bottles to increase your confidence level. And remember, if all else fails, THROW SOMETHING!

If you select the two player game, one person controls Rene, and the other Michelle. Both players are active at the same time but of course, you can only see one at a time (unless both are in the same room).

You can centre the screen on either player by a simple key press but remember, the other player is still able to move about when you cannot see them. Although the guards will not attack the off-screen player he, or she, can still be injured in falls, etc. so TAKE CARE!


BARCODE: 5 015103 790210


CONTROLS (from the official manual):
Amiga owners will need a joystick (two for the two player game)

On the title screen
F1 - Start One Player Game
F2 - Start Two Player Game

Use the fire button to start each level and the following keys during the game.
F10 - Pause game on/off
ESC - Quit (only when paused)
SPACE - Toggle screen display to show player 1 or 2 in the two player game.

UP - Lets you jump, climb up or go through trapdoors etc.
DOWN - Lets you duck, climb down or go down trapdoors, etc.
LEFT/RIGHT - Moves you in that direction.
FIRE - To throw objects and drop off the balloon and pigeon!


Amiga Format N.55 (Jan.1994): 53/100
Amiga Power N.33 (Jan.1994): 37/100
Amiga Computing N.70 (Feb.1994): 65/100
Amiga Force N.15 (Feb.1994): 40/100
The One N.64 (Jan.1994): 45/100

Average note: 48/100


* HINTS AND TIPS (from the official manual):
- At certain points in the game you can get your friends to help you by throwing something at them! Officer Crabtree is particularly useful and is one to watch out for!
- Remember there is more than one fake painting (of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Clomp) hidden in the knockwurst sausages on the first level. Don't leave any behind!
- The train driver is easily bribed to stop for you but you'll need to collect as much forged money as you can on the way to the front of the train (Hint - To get ahead, get a hat!).

On the title screen type BASH STREET KIDS. The screen should turn white. During play press 1-5 to skip to the corresponding level.


Design: Steve Metcalf, David Tolley
Coder: Steve Metcalf
Graphics: David Tolley
Musician: Old Tramp


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