All-Star Baseball '99 [Model NUS-NBSE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 22 years ago by Acclaim Ent., Inc.

All-Star Baseball

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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All-Star Baseball '99 © 1998 Acclaim Entertainment, Incorporated.




Game Design: Larry Walker (1997 NL MVP), Jaime R. Grieves, Bey Bickerton
Play by Play Commentator: John Sterling
Color Commentary: Michael Kay
Project Manager: Jaime R. Grieves
Front-End Design and Layout: Jaime R. Grieves
Lead Programmer: David Crummack
Technical Liasion: David Crummack
Game Programmer: David Crummack, F. J. Lafuente, Ed Groover, John Nagle
Front-End Programmer: David Crummack, Ed Groover, John Nagle, Jason Gawronek
Lead Artist: Michael Taylor
3D Stadiums & Fields: Michael Taylor, Tom Green, Trevor Lemoine
Dynamic Lightning: Michael Taylor
Lead ATG: Marc Mackin
Motion Editing: Marc Mackin, Peyton Duncan
Particle FX: Marc Mackin
Fielding, Pitching & Batting AI: F. J. Lafuente
Tools Programming: F. J. Lafuente, John Nagle
Animation Logic: F. J. Lafuente
On-Screen Graphics Programmer: Ed Groover
Baserunner AI: Ed Groover
Particle FX Programmer: John Nagle
Play by Play Programmer: Jason Gawronek
Support Programmer: Jason Gawronek
Quagmire Hi-Res 3D Engine: Andy Thyssen, D. Michael Traub, Tomas Arce
Motion Capture Compression & Playback: Andy Thyssen, D. Michael Traub, Tomas Arce
Soft-Skin & Stadium Rendering System: Andy Thyssen, D. Michael Traub, Tomas Arce
Soft-Skin Player Models: Peyton Duncan
Dynamic Lighting: Tom Green, Trevor Lemoine
Front-End Graphics: Tom Green, Trevor Lemoine
In-Game Graphics: Trevor Lemoine
3D Stadiums & Collision Maps: Chad Townsend
Player Uniforms: Chad Townsend
Player Faces: Chad Townsend
Sound Design: Marc Schaefgen
N64 Technical Advisor: Brian Watson
Sound Driver Programmer: Brian Watson
Play by Play Editor Programmer: Nathan Daughety
Tools Programmer: Nathan Daughety
Motion Compression R&D: Austin Appleby
Technical Art Advisor: Cid Newman
Front-End Graphics Assistance: Tami Crabb
Stadium Collision Maps: Art Avila
Game Analyst: Einar Pedersen
Motion Capture Talent: Scott Hatten
President: Jeff Spangenberg
Executive Vice-President of Product Development: Darrin Stubbington
Executive Sports Director: Russell Byrd
Executive Technical Director: Craig Galley
Executive ATG Director: Cyrus Lum
Executive Art Director: Matt Stubbington
Executive Creative Director: Nigel Cook
Executive Audio Director: Rick Fox
Original Theme Music: Rick Fox
Special Thanks: Keith Fox (Mobb Studios), Rob Phelac (Kamen Studios), Jeffrey Gibson, Gary Rowberry, Todd Dowd, Jeff Robinson, Ryan McBride, TL Shelton, Al Artus, Christine Brunelle, Jay Moon, Dave Schwalenberg

Executive Producer: Brett Gow
Producer: Peter Wanat
QA Manager: Carol Caracciolo
QA Supervisor: Jeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
QA Lead Analyst: James Craddock, James Daly
QA Project Lead: Eric Hendrickson, Mark Garone
Game Analyst: Matthew McEnerney, Pharoah Sample, Joseph Greene, Rich Gomer, Anthony Scaduto, Rich LaRocca, Mike Sterzel, Joe Maiello, Bill Handworth, James Ackermann, Andy Basile, Mat T. Kraemer, Joseph Howell, Stacy Brickel
Tech Support Manager: Harry Reimer
Tech Support Supervisor: Howard Perlman, Kevin Denehy
Sr Tech Support: Greg McGovern, Andrew Fullaytor, John Zigmont
Tech Support: Leigh Busch, David Pollick, Ulises Batalla, Brian Lauther
Director of Marketing: Robert Picunko
Product Manager - Marketing: Michael Jerchower
Asst Product Manager: Thomas Bass, Kevin Brannan
Game Manual: Bill Dickson
Public Relations: Mike Myers
Special Thanks: Brad Schlachter (Major League Baseball), Jacquelyn Walsh (Major League Baseball), Jennifer Cooney (Major League Baseball Players Assoc.), Evan Kaplan (Major League Baseball Players Assoc.), Roy Cooler (Mike Schecter Associates), Leena Sheth (Stats Inc.), Shawn David Rosen, Douglas Yellin, Michael J. Archer, Pat Coleman, Adam Rubin


Game's ROM.