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All Aboard

Coin-op Redemption game published 10 years ago by Komuse

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All Aboard © 2009 Komuse.

The objective of this game is simple but yet very rewarding. All Aboard is a one of kind game in which players have the chance to control and stop 3 spinning wheels. Each wheel has numerous columns of randomized set of numbers. They are aligned vertically to a large LED lit button where players need to time their decision and stop each wheel. Once all three spinning wheels have been stopped, players will receive the amount of tickets shown on the LED lit transparent display. Players can win a Jackpot prize when they align all three-conductor faces in the transparent display.
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Dimensions: 1355 X 1192 X 2374 mm (53.4 X 46.9 X 93.5 inch)
Weight: 222 Kg ( 490 lbs)


Sold by Andamiro in the USA.

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