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Alien³ [Model T-81048]

Sega Game Gear cart. published 32 years ago by Arena Ent.

Listed in MAME

Alien³ [Model T-81048] screenshot

Alien³ © 1992 Arena


Game ID: T-81048


Design and Production by: Probe Software
Producer: Joe Bonar
Design Support: Fergus McGovern, Tony Beckwith, Neil Young, Keith Burkhill, Tim Round, Michael J. Archer
Programmer: Keith Burkhill
Graphics: Hugh Riley, Lisa Wand, Mark Jones Sr.
Mapping: Hugh Riley, Lisa Wand, Keith Burkhill
Music: Matt Furniss
Sound Effects: Matt Furniss
Technical Support: Carl Muller, Stuart Middleton
Quality assurance in the U.K.: Adrian Curry
And in the U.S.: Tom Gibson, Dan Feinstein, Donn W. Nauert, Seth Rubine


Game's ROM.