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List of songs playables on this page:

01 qsound logo.vgz02 opening.vgz03 credit.vgz04 player select.vgz05 round 1_7.vgz06 boss approaching demo.vgz07 -chrysalis- (boss 1).vgz08 round clear.vgz09 demo a.vgz10 round 2_6-2.vgz11 round 2-2_4-2.vgz12 -razor claws- (boss 2).vgz13 demo b.vgz14 round 3_5_7-1.vgz15 -alien queen 1- (boss 3).vgz16 round 4.vgz17 -power loader- (boss 4).vgz18 demo c.vgz19 round 6.vgz20 bonus round.vgz21 -mad predator- (boss 5).vgz22 -queen alien 2- (final boss).vgz23 ending demo.vgz24 staff roll.vgz25 continue.vgz26 game over.vgz