Alien Mind

Apple IIGS disk. published 31 years ago by PBI Soft., Inc.

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Alien Mind © 1988 PBI Software, Incorporated.

You have just received a telegram from your associate, biologist Aaron Avery, asking you to be part of a biological research team studying new alien lifeforms. Two unhatched eggs of an unknown species have been transported to the new Zekford biological research space station for further study.

Upon arrival at Zekford, you immediately sense danger. A chill shoots up your spine as you notice the receptionist is lying lifeless next to her desk. You turn, only to realize that the door behind you has closed and a display reads No Exit No Escape. Something has taken over and is now after you.

You must penetrate into Zekfords inner levels and gather the necessary components to build a weapon capable of destroying the alien. With a wide array of armaments, you reduce the hordes of reprogrammed robots and monsters to space dust Your most important resource is the central computer system. Its many stations and terminals contain vital information, but you must first find and decipher the correct passwords to gain entry to the system.

Alien Mind is a fast-action, highly responsive adventure. It contains over 100 different robots and monsters who have been individually programmed with their own distinctive logic, sound, and animation.

Weapons at your disposal include lasers, energy shields and conductors which
produce a power surge that slow down enemies. Keycards are scattered about the station and are used to open doors and activate elevators. Alien Mind will test your intelligence, your agility, and your very inner strength.

Will your mind stand up to Alien Mind? Only time will tell


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Programmed by: Rob Karr
Graphics by: Matthew Crysdale

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