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Alien Brigade [Model CX7855]

Atari 7800 cart. published 35 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Alien Brigade [Model CX7855] screenshot

Alien Brigade © 1989 Atari Corporation.

Alien Brigade is an exciting arcade-style action shooter. You destroy alien invaders in five different scenarios. Each scenario is progressively more difficult as the aliens increase in population, strength, and firepower. You gain points by destroying the aliens and successfully completing each scenario's unique objective. You lose points if you shoot innocent bystanders or hostages, so you must aim with care!

In each scenario of Alien Brigade, aliens, soldiers and civilians move from right to left across your screen. Aim your light gun or position the target sight with your controller and fire to blast the ugly, hunchbacked aliens and aliens disguised as human soldiers or civilians. (Aliens in human form move more slowly than normal humans. You also earn points for destroying tanks, helicopters, and other enemy vehicles. Vehicles explode and living targets fall to the ground when hit.

The transceiver box in the far left section of the Status bar flashes to alert you of an incoming communication. You can use your transceiver to communicate with your commanding officer and receive your mission objective at the beginning of each scenario.

At the beginning of the game you receive a single shot, semi-automatic pistol, a five-burst automatic machine gun, one hundred 48-round clips of ammunition, eight grenades, and six extra lives. In every scenario you can find more powerful weapons, ammunition, grenades, and canisters of military food rations to increase your health rating. The weapons may be hidden, so search the area by shooting at small objects to reveal items hidden beneath them.

Each scenario of Alien Brigade ends when you successfully complete the scenario's objective. The game ends with a final battle in the alien's main camp where your mission is to destroy all the aliens, the alien base, and the egg-laying alien queen.

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Model CX7855

You receive points for destroying enemy aliens and their vehicles. You lose points for shooting innocent bystanders, animals, and friendly vehicles.
Photographer 0
Large Soldier 50
Soldier 100
Parachute 100
Alien Civilian 100
Small Fish 100
Snake Alien 100
Small Soldier 150
Flame Thrower Soldier 200
Bazooka Soldier 200
Large Alien .300
Kid Alien 500
Alien 500
Small Alien 700
Tank 1000
Helicopter 1000
Rambo Alien 1000
Bomb 1000
Plane 1000
Super Soldier 1000
Large Spaceship 1500
Bat 2000
Space Ship 3000
Satellite Dish 5000
Mind Bender 5000
Door in Scenario 1 5000
Mother Alien 10000
Marine Life -100
Civilian -500
Fire Engine -500
Mermaid -1000
Panther -1000

* Watch out for the real humans you are supposed to protect. Humans that have been taken over by aliens move more slowly.

* When your squad is hit by alien fire, your screen's border flashes red. Try to avoid this! Getting shot is bad for your health.

* Watch out for small mine-laying subs in the underwater scenario.

* Picking up items as you move through each scenario is vitally important. Shoot small objects to reveal items hidden beneath.

* Don't ignore your transceiver! Understanding your mission is critical.


Programmed by: Ken Grant


Game's ROM.