Akumajou Dracula XX [Model SHVC-ADZJ]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 29 years ago by Konami Co., Ltd.

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悪魔城ドラキュラXX © 1995 Konami Company, Limited.
(Akumajou Dracula XX)

Akumajou Dracula XX is an action/platform game by Konami. Centuries have passed since Simon Belmont defeated count Dracula and foiled his plans for domination. However, peace did not last for long and evil individuals now seek to resurrect the Transylvanian vampire once again, and this time around, Dracula vows revenge and declares war to the entire Belmont family. In an effort to attract Richter Belmont (Simon's great grandson) to his castle, the Prince of Darkness kidnaps his girlfriend Annette Renard and her little sister Maria Renard. Like his ancestors, Richter is a vampire hunter and, without hesitation, he rises up to the challenge and ready himself to take on Dracula's armies of undead beasts and monsters. The player takes control of Ritcher and must journey through several strange and doomed places, from the crumbling ruins of a burning town to the deepest parts of Dracula's unholy castle. His main weapon is the legendary Vampire Killer, powerful whip passed down from generation to generation within the Belmont clan. The game also features a handful of secondary weapons that can be collected along the way, such as the Axe, the Holy Water, the Daggers and so forth... They however come in limited quantities and Richter must constantly replenish them by collecting little hearts scattered around each level (usually hidden inside candles). These weapons can also help the player in desperate situations and unleash powerful attacks (called Item Crash) that inflict serious damage to most enemies on the screen. Akumajou Dracula XX consists of seven stages (as well as two alternate levels) and a password system allows the player to continue an earlier game.

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Cartridge ID: SHVC-ADZJ


Akumajou Dracula XX was released on July 21, 1995 in Japan for 9800 Yen.

Akumajou Dracula XX is loosely based on "Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo", a Super CD-Rom² game originally released for the PC Engine system in 1993. oth game share a similar storyline, the same main character (Ritcher Belmont) and various elements and enemies. However, the similarities end here and the Super Famicom version can probably be best described as a downgraded remake of the original. In a nutshell, they are two separate games - levels have a dramatically different layout, most were completely redesigned and the game is a lot shorter with fewer stages. It is also a lot more linear and doesn't really feature the same open-ended stages and alternate routes of Chi no Rondo (only two alternate levels are included in Akumajou Dracula XX). Finally, it is also worth mentioning that Maria was a playable character in Chi no Rondo (option completely removed from Akumajou Dracula XX) which also featured kidnapped villagers (Tera and Iris), some unique and impressive enemies (such as large stone golems) and complex animated sequences and cutscenes featuring CD quality sound and speech.

Export releases:
[US] "Castlevania - Dracula X [Model SNS-ADZE-USA]"
[EU] "Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss [Model SNSP-ADZP-EUR]"


Stage Passwords:
Level 2
Blank, Holy Water, Axe Axe, Axe, Axe Axe, Holy Water, Holy Water

Level 3
Holy Water, Blank, Blank Axe, Axe, Blank Blank, Holy Water, Holy Water

Level 4
Axe, Axe, Axe Blank, Holy Water, Holy Water Axe, Heart, Heart

Level 4 (Alternate)
Holy Water, Axe, Holy Water, Axe, Blank, Heart, Axe, Blank, Axe

Level 5
Holy Water, Heart, Fire Fire, Holy Water, Axe Holy Water, Heart, Heart

Level 5 (Alternate)
Axe, Heart, Axe, Axe, Blank, Axe, Heart, Heart, Blank

Level 6
Holy Water, Axe, Axe Holy Water, Blank, Holy Water Axe, Holy Water, Blank

Level 7
Holy Water, Holy Water, Holy Water Axe, Blank, Heart Blank, Blank, Axe

Final Level
Heart, Axe, Holy Water Fire, Fire, Fire Axe, Holy Water, Fire

Extra 1-ups:
To get an extra 1-up, beat each stage without getting hit. If you come out unscathed
(no, you cannot get hit and eat a frankfurter), you will recieve a 1-up after every
stage you complete.


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Director: K. Yamashita
Programmer: Ogawa
Main Programmer: A.S. Minakata
Main Character: Namachuw
Character: Ashenden, Sefu-Haso, Hiro
Sound Design: T. Tomita, M. Iwata, H. Ueko, M. Kimura
Special Thanks: Potechen, T. Kinosita, F. Karakami, Papa
Producer: K. Kinosita


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com