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Akumajou Dracula [Model KON-RV003]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 31 years ago by Konami Co., Ltd.

Listed in MAME

Akumajou Dracula [Model KON-RV003] screenshot

悪魔城ドラキュラ © 1993 Konami Company, Limited.
(Akumajou Dracula)

Re-release of "Akumajou Dracula [Model KDS-AKM]". This version add an easy mode. Also, there is no disk reading time, and the remaining time for clear bonuses and heart counts are speeding up, so you can play comfortably. However, the save function is completely deleted, and the edges of the screen are cut off and compressed, so there are advantages and disadvantages.


Game ID: KON-RV003


Akumajou Dracula was released on February 05, 1993 in Japan.


Game's ROM.