Akumajou Dracula [Model KDS-AKM]

Nintendo Famicom disk. published 36 years ago by Konami Industry

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悪魔城ドラキュラ © 1986 Konami Industry Company, Limited.
(Akumajou Dracula)

Akumajou Dracula is the first opus in the popular and celebrated video game saga also known as Castlevania in the west. The game takes place at the end of the 17th century and every hundred years, the evil Count Dracula and his minions have risen from the dead and are now bringing chaos and death to the land of Transylvania. Simon Belmont, from the Belmont bloodline of Vampire killers, takes up the challenge. Armed with his mythic and legendary whip, he begins his journey to the Prince of Darkness's castle. Dracula's lair counts six large levels guarded by legions of demonic vampire bats, zombies, fish men, raven, skeletons and so forth. In addition to his magic whip, Simon can pick up secondary weapons by breaking candles and other elements of the scenery (usually walls). These weapons range from a Stop watch (stops enemy action), Dagger (fast throwing weapon), Axe (slow but powerful overhead attack weapon), Cross, Holy Water etc... Our hero can only carry one of these useful weapons at the time and they all come in limited quantities - They can however be replenished by collecting little hearts scattered throughout the levels. Other items are also available to help Simon in his quest such as Crosses or Invisibility Potions. Two special items are particularly worth mentioning - the double and triple shots icons get Simon to fire two or three special weapons at once. Each stage ends with an obligatory boss Simon must take down before advancing to the next level - they range from the mythological Medusa to Death itself who appears as a creepy Grim Reaper.

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Akumajou Dracula for Famicom Disk System was released on September, 26, 1986 in Japan for 2980 Yen.

This game is known in the western regions as Castlevania. Here are some known export releases, in cartridge format, for the western NES:
"Castlevania [Model NES-CV-EEC]"
"Castlevania [Model NES-CV-NOE]"
"Castlevania [Model NES-CV-USA]"

The names listed in the ending credits are parodies of famous people who have ties to classic horror or monster films. They are:
Terence Fisher (Trans Fishers)
Bram Stoker (Vran Stoker)
James Bernard (James Banana)
Christoper Lee (Christopher Bee)
Bela Lugosi (Belo Lugosi)
Boris Karloff (Boris Karloffice)
Lon Chaney (Love Chaney)
Lon Chaney, Jr. (Love Chaney, Jr.)
Barbara Shelley (Barber Sherry)
Max Schreck (Max Schrecks)
Glenn Strange (Green Stranger)
Oliver Reed (Cafebar Read)
Andre Morell (Andre Moral)
John Carradine (John Candy)

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V 1.0
V 1.1
V 1.2


* Completing the game and playing through for a second time, it is possible to make a number of Moaui heads appear in various locations. These Moaui heads are references to another Konami series, Gradius. These appear after:
- Standing on the moving platform of the second stage.
- Crouching atop a certain staircase in the third stage.
- Walking far to the right on the third area of the third stage.


1. Akumajou Dracula [Model KDS-AKM] (1986, Famicom Disk System)
2. Akumajou Dracula [Model RC744] (1986, MSX 2)
3. Dracula II - Noroi no Fuuin [Model KDS-DRK] (1987, Famicom Disk System)
4. Akumajou Dracula [Model GX768] (1988, Arcade)
5. Dracula Densetsu [Model DMG-CVJ] (1989, Game Boy)
6. Akumajou Densetsu [Model KON-RC845] (1989, Famicom)
7. Dracula Densetsu II [Model DMG-CWJ] (1991, Game Boy)
8. Akumajou Dracula [Model SHVC-AD] (1991, Super Famicom)
9. Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo [Model KMCD3005] (1993, PC-Engine CD)
10. Vampire Killer [Model T-95043] (1994, Mega Drive)
11. Akumajou Dracula XX [Model SHVC-ADZJ] (1995, Super Famicom)
12. Akumajou Dracula X - Gekka no Yasokyoku [Model SLPM-86023] (1997, PlayStation)
13. Akumajou Dracula - Shikkokutaru Zensoukyoku [Model DMG-ADNJ-JPN] (1997, Game Boy)
14. Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku - Real Action Adventure [Model NUS-ND3J] (1999, Nintendo 64)
15. Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden - Legend of Cornell [Model NUS-ND4J] (1999, Nintendo 64)
16. Akumajou Nendaiki - Akumajou Dracula [Model SLPM-86754] (2001, PlayStation)
17. Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon [Model AGB-AAMJ-JPN] (2001, GBA)
18. Castlevania - Byakuya no Concerto [Model AGB-ACHJ-JPN] (2002, GBA)
19. Castlevania - Akatsuki no Minuet [Model AGB-A2CJ-JPN] (2003, GBA)
20. Castlevania [Model SLPM-65444] (2003, PS2)
21. Akumajou Dracula - Sogetsu no Jujika [Model NTR-P-ACVJ] (2005, Nintendo DS)
22. Akumajou Dracula - Yami No Juin [Model SLPM-66175] (2005, PS2)
23. Akumajou Dracula - Gallery of Labyrinth [Model NTR-ACBJ-JPN] (2006, Nintendo DS)
24. Akumajou Dracula X Chronicle [Model ULJM-05287] (2007, PSP)
25. Akumajou Dracula Ubawareta Kokuin [Model NTR-YR9J-JPN] (2008, Nintendo DS)
26. Akumajou Dracula - The Arcade (2008, Arcade)


[JP] Nintendo Famicom (feb.5, 1993) "Akumajou Dracula [Model KON-RV003]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (jul.17, 2007) [Model FBHJ]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] [JP] (dec.4, 2013) [Model FB3J]

[JP] Nintendo GBA (aug.8, 2004) "Akumajou Dracula [Famicom Mini] [Model AGB-FADJ-JPN]"
Nintendo 3DS [Virtual Console] [JP] (oct.17, 2012) [Model TA8J]

[JP] Sharp X68000 (jul.23, 1993) "Akumajou Dracula [Model RA960]"


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com