Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon [Model AGB-AAMJ-JPN]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 23 years ago by Konami Corp.

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Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon © 2001 Konami Company, Limited.




All the 'DSS Action cards' are named after Roman gods and goddesses except for 'Uranus' which uses it's Greek name. Uranus is the Greek name of the God of the Heavens, the Roman name of this God is 'Ouranos'.


SHOOTER Mode - After completing both MAGICIAN and FIGHTER modes, you will receive a new password: CROSSBOW.
Enter this name when you start a new game, and Nathan will be in 'SHOOTER' mode (instead of VAMPIREKILLER).

In this mode, Nathan will have considerably low stats in all areas. However, he will start out with a very large amount of maximum hearts, sub-weapons will do a considerable amount of damage, and certain events will allow you to gain a new sub-weapon, the Homing Dagger (a dagger that tracks down enemies).

NOTE: You can still gain cards in this mode.

New FIGHTER Mode - After completing the game in Magician mode (see my other code for Magician mode), you will get a new mode to play as a FIGHTER. There doesn't seem to be trading cards to pick up but the strength of Nathan seems to have been beefed up a lot making the game easier. Leveling up is quicker and also damage sustained is less than before.

Start the game anew and enter 'GRADIUS' as the name.

Play in Magician mode - After completing the game using Nathan, you will be given a passcode to input into a new game. Enter FIREBALL as the name and start the game as new. You will find that under the DSS option, you will have all the trading cards to start off with. Instead of being called VAMPIREKILLER, the word on the top left of the option screen reads MAGICIAN.


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