Air Strike

Arcade Video game published 18 years ago by Tsunami Visual Technologies

Air Strike screenshot

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Air Strike © 2002 Tsunami Visual Technologies.

Your Commander-in-Chief has ordered a secret operation to destroy terrorists bases before they can attack. You have the nation?s most modern weapons and aircraft at you disposal but the operation will be extremely difficult and dangerous because you must go alone! Any mistake could lead to nuclear war!
* Interactive motion! Bank left and right while dodging enemy fire! Feel the explosions rock you when you take hits!
* 20 large levels with diverse and challenging terrain.
* Over 100 different units with 3 Big Bosses.
* 10 upgradeable weapons, 12 power-ups ans 5 missile types.
* Leading-edge 3D engine provides stunning visula effects!
* Exclusive soundtrack adds to the drama for every mission!


Tsumo Multi-Game Motion System


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Official website: http://tsunamivisual.com/prd_AS.html