Air Fortress [Model NES-AI-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 30 years ago by HAL America, Inc.

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Air Fortress © 1989 HAL America, Inc.

North American version. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Air Fortress [Model HAL-AI]".

The story of Air Fortress (from the USA Manual):
The people of the Planet Farmel, located in the center of the Cromat Galaxy, are just now developing their own high technology. They have developed a new type of spaceship called a Lightship, enabling them to travel to other galaxies. Now they have dispatched Space Frontier Exploration Fleets, to boldly go where no Famellian has gone before.

But now their mission of peace has taken a grave turn. While scouting the Yubbert Galaxy, the Famellian fleet has come across a group of eight huge space fortresses, living entities that survive by destroying and feeding on defenseless civilizations. The invading fortresses are now on a direct collision course with the orbit of Farmel. Receiving an urgent appeal from the Farmellian government, the Federation of Intergalactic Governments immediately dispatched a defense armada, but it was no match for the tremendous firepower of the newly discovered fortresses. In desperation, the government of Farmel has sent our hero, Hal Bailman, on a last-ditch mission to defeat the Air Fortresses and save the planet Farmel from certain destruction. The fate of Farmel hangs in the balance.

Air fortress data: The fleet of Air Fortresses will launch a series of attacks on Hal Bailman's squadron. The first Air Fortress is comparatively simple in structure, but the ones to follow will be increasingly more difficult. They will have more complex labyrinths and unexpected traps. Learn from your previous encounters, and you will acquire the techniques needed to survive the more difficult Air Fortresses.

Overview of an air fortress: An Air Fortress is composed of two parts. The battle for each Air Fortress will begin on the Air Base. If you successfully defeat your adversaries on the Air Base, you will be taken through the Air Lock into the main body of the Air Fortress. The final objective is to destroy the Central Reactor of each Air Fortress.


Cartridge ID: NES-AI-USA


Air Fortress was released in September 1989 in North America.

Jumper Kanagushi, the sound composer credited on the Japanese version of this game is called 'Escaper Kanagushi' in this version of the game.
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