Actua Soccer [Model SLES-00014]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Gremlin Interactive, Ltd.

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Actua Soccer © 1996 Gremlin Interactive.

One of the most hyped sports games of 1996 - and deservedly so - Actua Soccer really stands out from the crowd as one of the few football sims to deliver great gameplay and stunning graphics in equal measure. Thanks to the power of PlayStation there's no compromise. At Gremlin's quater of a million pound motion capture studios, the talents of professional footballers Chris Woods, Andy Sinton and Graham Hyde were used for optimum realism in terms of player movement.

This investment has paid off, and the 44 international teams play like their real-life counterparts. There are multiple in-game options, including team editing facilities, eight skill factors, custom cups, teams, leagues, tournaments and friendlies. In fact, everything you could want.


Game ID: SLES-00014


Released on March 01, 1996 in Europe.

This game contains numerous flag errors.

Italy's flag is incorrectly red, white and green rather than green, white and red.

England's flag incorrectly has the Nordic Cross found in Scandinavian countries instead of the centred cross.

Northern Ireland's flag is identical to the England flag is therefore also incorrect. Although Northern Ireland hasn't had an official flag since the abolishment of the Parliament of Northern Ireland in 1972 it is traditionally represented by a flag similar to England but bearing the Red Hand of Ulster in the centre inside a six-pointed white star and a crown on top of it. This has been omitted.

Argentina and Bolivia are also missing their centre crests in their flags.

Morocco's flag incorrectly displays a gold pentagram star in the centre where it is actually green.

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On the title screen, press R2, L2, Select, Up and Left together to unlock the Gremlin XI team.


Programming: Philip Rankin, Andy Findlay, Richard Stevenson, Laurent Noel
Graphics: Wayne Laybourn, Kevin Crossley, Damon Godley
Music: Neil Biggin
Sound FX: Neil Biggin, Patrick Phelan
Additional Programming: Jim Tebbut, Ashley Bennett
Design: Andy Findlay, Adrian Carless
Producer: Anthony Casson
Commentary: Barry Davies
Motion Capture: Paul Hiley, Ben Wilson, Tony Willis, Mick Sheehan
Footballers: Chris Woods, Graham Hyde, Andy Sinton
Manual: Martin Calpin
Software Manager: Tim Heaton
FMV VideoCamera and Editing: Alan Coltman
Additional Help: David Lewis, Jim Tibutt
Quality Assurance Manager: Carl Cavers
Quality Assurance: Lee Campbell, Tony Howe, Rob Millington, Sim Furniss, Simon Short, Carl Bilby, Jon Hatch, Nick Oxley