Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULUS-10186]

Sony PSP game published 15 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Activision Hits Remixed © 2006 Activision, Inc.

Activision Hits Remixed lets PSP system gamers relive the dawn of home console gaming while on the go by delivering over 40 of the biggest Atari 2600 titles to the PSP. With the game's multi-player supported classics, players can choose whether they want to game together utilizing a Game Share feature that allows two friends to play together using only one copy of the game or take turns on one PSP system or play via the game's wireless functionality. Activision Hits Remixed also features a rockin' 80's themed soundtrack, modernized front-end graphics, classic game manuals which include tips and photographs, and a host of retro unlockables.

Here's the complete list of Atari 2600 titles included in this collection :
- "Atlantis [Model IA3203]"
- "Barnstorming [Model AX-013]"
- "Beamrider [Model AZ-037]"
- "Boxing [Model AG-002]"
- "Bridge [Model AX-006]"
- "Checkers [Model AG-003]"
- "Chopper Command [Model AX-015]"
- "Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038]"
- "Crackpots [Model AX-029]"
- "Demon Attack [Model IA3200]"
- "Dolphin [Model AX-024]"
- "Dragster [Model AG-001]"
- "Enduro [Model AX-026]"
- "Fishing Derby [Model AG-004]"
- "Freeway [Model AG-009]"
- "Frostbite [Model AX-031]"
- "Grand Prix [Model AX-014]"
- "H.E.R.O. [Model AZ-036]"
- "Ice Hockey [Model AG-012]"
- "Kabobber"
- "Kaboom! [Model AX-010]"
- "Keystone Kapers [Model AX-025]"
- "Laser Blast [Model AG-008]"
- "MegaMania - A Space Nightmare [Model AX-017]"
- "Oink! [Model AX-023]"
- "Pete Rose Baseball [Model AK-045]" as 'Baseball'
- "Pitfall II - Lost Caverns [Model AB-035]"
- "Pitfall! [Model AX-018]"
- "Plaque Attack [Model AX-027]"
- "Pressure Cooker [Model AZ-032]"
- "Private Eye [Model AG-034]"
- "River Raid [Model AX-020]"
- "River Raid II [Model AK-043-02]"
- "Robot Tank [Model AZ-028]"
- "Seaquest [Model AX-022]"
- "Skiing [Model AG-005]"
- "Sky Jinks [Model AG-019]"
- "Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space [Model AZ-033]"
- "Spider Fighter [Model AX-021]"
- "Stampede [Model AG-011]"
- "StarMaster [Model AX-016]"
- "Tennis [Model AG-007]"
- "The Activision Decathlon [Model AZ-030]"
- "Thwocker"


Game ID: ULUS-10186
Barcode: 047875817296


Activision Hits Remixed for Sony PSP was released on November 8, 2006 in North America. It was then released on September 30, 2009 online via the PlayStation Network.


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