Activision Anthology [Model AGB-BAVE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 17 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Activision Anthology © 2003 Activision, Inc.

Be a flying ace, a race car champion, a tennis star, and a space pioneer all in one afternoon. Activision Anthology lets you go back in time with all your old favorites, including Pitfall 1 and 2, Commando, Freeway, Keystone Kapers, Seaquest, River Raid 1 and 2, and Spider Fighter. Whether it's trying to get Pitfall Harry past the third pit on the right or breaking 15,000 points on River Raid to earn a patch, Activision Anthology is sure to conjure plenty of gaming memories.

Here is the complete list of Atari 2600 titles included in this collection :
- "Barnstorming [Model AX-013]"
- "Beamrider [Model AZ-037]"
- "Boxing [Model AG-002]"
- "Checkers [Model AG-003]"
- "Chopper Command [Model AX-015]"
- "Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038]"
- "Crackpots [Model AX-029]"
- "Dolphin [Model AX-024]"
- "Dragster [Model AG-001]"
- "Enduro [Model AX-026]"
- "Fishing Derby [Model AG-004]"
- "Freeway [Model AG-009]"
- "Frostbite [Model AX-031]"
- "Grand Prix [Model AX-014]"
- "H.E.R.O. [Model AZ-036]"
- "Ice Hockey [Model AG-012]"
- "Kabobber"
- "Kaboom! [Model AX-010]"
- "Keystone Kapers [Model AX-025]"
- "Laser Blast [Model AG-008]"
- "MegaMania - A Space Nightmare [Model AX-017]"
- "Oink! [Model AX-023]"
- "Pete Rose Baseball [Model AK-045]" as 'Baseball'
- "Pitfall II - Lost Caverns [Model AB-035]"
- "Pitfall! [Model AX-018]"
- "Plaque Attack [Model AX-027]"
- "Pressure Cooker [Model AZ-032]"
- "Private Eye [Model AG-034]"
- "River Raid [Model AX-020]"
- "River Raid II [Model AK-043-02]"
- "Seaquest [Model AX-022]"
- "Skate Boardin' [Model AG-042]"
- "Skiing [Model AG-005]"
- "Sky Jinks [Model AG-019]"
- "Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space [Model AZ-033]"
- "Spider Fighter [Model AX-021]"
- "Stampede [Model AG-011]"
- "StarMaster [Model AX-016]"
- "Tennis [Model AG-007]"
- "The Activision Decathlon [Model AZ-030]"
- "Thwocker"
- "Title Match Pro Wrestling [Model AG-041]"
- "Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator [Model AK-046]"
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Barcode: 618870401201


Activision Anthology for Game Boy Advance was released on December 9, 2003 in North America.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Game's ROM.