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Action Force - International Heroes [Model VGE 1038]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 37 years ago by Virgin Games, Ltd.

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Action Force - International Heroes [Model VGE 1038] screenshot

Action Force - International Heroes © 1987 Virgin Games

The enemy, COBRA, have launched a surprise attack on the island of Botsneda. In the panic of the evacuation, classified information has been left behind in the eastern sector. The enemy's grip tightens and an immediate raid must take place to retrieve the vital data. This is a job for ACTION FORCE!

Flint, Lady Jaye and Quick Kick use a modified A.W.E. Striker to cross the hazardous path to the eastern side of the island. You are Snake Eyes, using a custom-built helipack and armed with an automatic rifle. You must defend A.W.E. Striker and clear a safe path. Pontoons must be utilised to allow A.W.E. Striker to cross canals. The enemy have installed missiles, initiated electric charge generators and built barricades. You must deal with all of these to allow A.W.E. Striker to complete the mission successfully.

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Game ID: VGE 1038


Code: Link Tomlin
Graphics: Martin Wheeler
Music: Sam Garforth