Ace High [Model 125]

Pinball published 64 years ago by Gottlieb, D.

Ace High [Model 125] screenshot

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Ace High [Model 125] © 1957 Gottlieb.


Released in February 1957.

Gottlieb once dominated the pinball industry, producing over 120 different tables. During Gottlieb's golden age, it was known for sports, fantasy, casino, and playing card themed tables like Ace High. When this game was still in arcades, good players would accumulate replays and sell them back to the arcade owner. This led to the banning of replays in several US states.

2,100 units were produced.


In pinball lingo, replays are also known as free games or special and, unlike modern tables, in Ace High how you lose a ball can be more important than keeping it alive - there are two holes which will end your ball, but they're the key to doing well. You want to earn cards by hitting the centre of the three different targets - one on the left, one on the right and the third in the centre. Each time you hit one of these targets you add a new card, starting with Queens. The Special hole rewards one replay for three queens; three replays for three kings; one replay for each lit ace; and eight replays if all three aces are lit.


Design by : Wayne Neyens
Art by : Roy Parker


Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "Gottlieb Pinball Classics")
Sony PSP (2006, "Gottlieb Pinball Classics")