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Abadox [Model NAT-A3]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 35 years ago by Natsume, Inc.

Listed in MAME

Abadox [Model NAT-A3] screenshot

Abadox © 1989 Natsume.

Abadox is a multi-directional shoot them up. In the year 5012, a massive life form the size of a small-planet stalks through space looking for its next victim. The 'Parasitis', as it is called, is now heading towards planet Abadox and lieutenant Nazal is sent on a desperate mission to intercept it. Nazal must enter the humongous Parasitis's body and destroy it from the inside. Incidentally, the planet-size invader also swallowed a medical ship on its way to Abadox, and this very ship was carrying an important passenger - Maria, the princess of Abadox - and it is believed that she is still alive so a rescue could not be ruled out.

Although Nazal starts his mission with a limited firepower, items left behind by blue creatures dramatically increase his chances of success. Four different weapons are available throughout the game, namely the Three-Way Beam, the Five-Way Star Beam, the piercing Laser Gun and the Pandora Ring Gun. Additional items and special abilities can also be collected along the way, such as Speed Ups (speed boosts are actually accumulative), Barrier Shields (orbs that rotate around Nazal and protect him against enemy attacks - up to four can be activated at once), Twin Missiles (from straight twin-missiles to homing missiles) and Power Shield (two levels of protection, green and red).

Abadox consists of six main areas (all divided into two sub-stages) and is single-player only.




Abadox was released on December 15, 1989 in Japan. Retail price: 5800 Yen.

Abadox's title screen credits Dynamic Kikaku and Tadashi Makimura. It seems that Dynamic Kikaku (Dynamic Planning) is a company owned by Kiyoshi Nagai (aka Go Nagai, better known for creating Mazinger Z and the Super Robot genre) and is the sister company of Dynamic Productions. Tadashi Makimura apparently illustrated several mangas written by Go Nagai such as Dodoron Emma-kun (1973) and two Boss Borot mangas (Janjaja~n Boss Borot Dai and Onari~tsu Borottono Dai) released in the mid 1970s (the clunky Boss Borot, aka Boss Robot, was the comic relief character in the classic Mazinger series).

The game is notorious for being extremely difficult. If you die in later stages you lose all your power-ups, which can make things even harder than they already are.


Cheat Mode (level select, invincibility & all-weapons mode):
There is an interesting cheat mode in Abadox that is activated using various codes.
At the title screen, press A, A, Up, B, B, Down, A, B and one of the following codes:

Level 1 - no code
Level 2 - Up
Level 2a - Up, A
Level 3 - Left
Level 3a - Left, A
Level 4 - Down
Level 4a - Down, A
Level 5 - Right
Level 5a - Right, A
Level 6 - Select
Level 6a - Select, A
Level 7 - B
End Credits - B, A

Then press Start to start the game. Additionally, you can pause the game at anytime to activate the invincibility and all-weapons mode once the main cheat code has been entered.


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;