Aamber Pegasus

Computer published 41 years ago by Technosys

Listed in MAME

Aamber Pegasus © 1981 Technosys.



An optional multi ROM board in conjunction with a rotating dial allowed switching between 6 EPROM banks containing multiple language environments, games and applications. The EPROM based language environments include EXTENDED BASIC, PASCAL, BASIC (a variant of TinyBASIC), MAD (Assembler/Disassembler) and FORTH. Games available on EPROM are TANKS, INVADERS and GALAXY WARS. Other software included MONITOR (the system BIOS which needed to be present for the system to run) and a word processor application called WORD.

A network version of the Aamber Pegasus provided connectivity to a 6809-based server (SWTPC-6809). Especially the networking version attempted to address the New Zealand Government's computers in schools initiative, but never produced the hoped-for large orders. It is thought that Apple Computers introduction of the Apple II computer into the New Zealand market, and its subsequent heavy educational discounting was the final nail in the coffin for Technosys and the Aamber Pegasus computer. Total production numbers are unknown, but it is thought that less than a hundred units were ever sold.


Machine's bios.
Machine's picture.