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A Mysterious Thief [Model GN-070]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by ZiMAG

Listed in MAME

A Mysterious Thief [Model GN-070] screenshot

A Mysterious Thief © 1983 ZiMAG

Your goal is to steal as many items from the building before the timer expires. However to accomplish this task you're going to have to sneaky, because as we all know a clumsy thief is a dead thief. Unfortunately you're not alone, killer guard dogs and the local security man have been alerted to your presence and are out to put and end to your one man crime spree.

The building is separated into four floors each with five windows. The top floor is the roof which has no windows or enemies, so you can hide up there if things get too hot for you. To move between floors you will need to watch for an access hole (purple square) which appears somewhere on the floor above you. There are permanent access holes on the left or right edges of the levels, and one that moves around randomly on each floor. To use an access hole simply jump up and press up, and you will use your grappling hook to go through the hole. However make sure there are no enemies close by when moving between levels and there is a slight pause after you move up in which you can't jump.

Each floor except for the top and the bottom have a guard dog which will run after you the moment you enter the level. Guard dogs can be easily jumped over, but they are fast and will constantly race back and forth around the level. Also making your life miserable is the security guard who moves through the windows on each floor. The guard is fast, and if he catches you as you move in front of a window you will lose a life, so it's best to wait until he moves to another floor. Also appearing in the windows are various treasures, these are what you are after so make sure you grab them as soon as they appear. If you manage to grab enough treasure a helicopter will appear, this is your cue to run to the roof and make your escape. You will receive bonus points for each second on the timer remaining.


Model GN-070


Unreleased prototype.

Zimag developed the game but it never saw an NTSC release. It was however released overseas by companies like Suntek, CCE and Quelle under various names.


Game's ROM.