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A Hero for Sorania

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 26 years ago by Adventure Probe Soft.

Listed in MAME

A Hero for Sorania © 1998 Adventure Probe Soft.

It's summer at long last, and a perfect day for a stroll in the country. You set off down the lane, when suddenly from around the bend, come several motorbikes. You jump out of the way, and land in a roadside ditch. Muttering rude things under your breath, you scramble out and brush down your clothes. When the dust has settled, you look around, only to see a crossroads which you are sure wasn't there before...

Exploring, you find a castle and a very unhappy King sitting on his throne. He says "Welcome to the kingdom of Darnia. I am king Aldred. Have you come to my rescue young sir? I need a hero to find my crown and its jewels, which have been scattered throughout the land by an evil witch. She has also sealed up my daughter, Princess Sorania, in one of the tower rooms. Will you heed my plea for help? If you do, the hand of the Princess will be yours in marriage."

A lovely traditional adventure with lots of puzzles. Can you solve them and become a HERO?


Game's tape.